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AUDAC Releases compact dual-channel power amplifier

AUDAC Releases compact dual-channel power amplifier

February 1, 2024 08:00

SCP Series by AUDAC

North America, February 1, 2024 – AUDAC, a Belgian pro audio manufacturer, has launched a new range of compact dual-channel power amplifiers for commercial use. The SCP Series half-rack amplifier can be used in stereo or bridge mode. Five models are available with power ratings ranging from 120W to 1,000W.

The compact and elegant design of the half 19” rack space enclosure allows for single installation in a 10.5” equipment rack or side-by-side (two devices) in a 19” equipment rack. Desktop installation or mounting in an equipment rack using the MBS310 series mounting adapters is possible.

The SCP series is compact but uniquely designed to provide optimal cooling. It has passive cooling on SCP212 and active cooling on SCP224, SCP230, and SCP250, ensuring improved thermal comfort without the need for additional measures.

A connection to the brand new WP2XX series input wall panels or volume controllers can be made via the RJ45 connector on the back of the SCP. This allows for a cost-effective plug & play solution to extend or introduce brand new input possibilities and control options.

Equipped with a Standby mode switch, the SCP series will enter an energy-saving standby mode after a period of inactivity, making it unique in the market. This feature, together with the overall energy-efficient design, makes the SCP meet the high standards of the Energy Star certification. Combining the SCP series with a suitable pre-amplifier or wall-mounted input panel creates a relatively powerful and complete solution for background music installations.

Models Available:

  • SCP206 – 2 x 120W @ Low-Z (4Ω) & 240W @ Hi-Z (70V/100V)​
  • SCP212 – 2 x 120W @ Low-Z (4Ω) & 240W @ Hi-Z (70V/100V)​
  • SCP224 – 2 x 240W @ Low-Z (4Ω) & 480W @ Hi-Z (70V/100V)​
  • SCP230 – 2 x 300W @ Low-Z (4Ω) & 600W @ Hi-Z (70V/100V)​
  • SCP250 – 2 x 500W @ Low-Z (4Ω) & 1000W @ Hi-Z (70V/100V)​


AUDAC's Product Page

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