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MFA216 Multi-functional SourceCon™ Amplifier 2 x 80W 70/100V


"All-in-one audio solution."

Multi-functional SourceCon™ Amplifier 2 x 80W 70/100V

This revolutionary award-winning amplifier is designed as a two-channel amplifier using class D amplifier technology. It can be used for powering low impedance stereo systems with a maximum power of 2 x 80 Watt while bridging to a constant voltage (100V and 70V) is possible with a maximum output power of 160 Watt. A switch-mode power supply allows a wide variation of main voltages for global compatibility.

The integrated SourceCon™ module* slot allows the implementation of any available compatible module, offering a true all-in-one solution. Typical applications are the implementation of an audio streaming module or internet radio module. Additionally, a stereo line input allows connection for any kind of external audio source.

A balanced mic/line input allows connection for an announcement microphone with compatibility for condenser microphones using the integrated phantom power supply (15V). A priority switch overrides the background music when enabled and compatibility with line-level sources (e.g. voice file players) is guaranteed by wide gain adjustment (0 dB ~ +50 dB). This gain adjustment controls both the sensitivity of the line inputs on the rear and on the front. Thanks to the 2.8” TFT display and the push rotary dial on its front, an unmatched user experience is achieved.

Please pay attention the RCA input is combined with the line input at the back of the device, meaning the rear input is disabled when the front input is in use.

A line-out connection at the back of the device is making the device even more versatile. This line out can be used as a preamp output, where the input and volume are the same as the internal amplifier, or as a separate secondary stereo zone output, where both zones (inputs, volume control, and many more..) can be operated completely independently of each other.

A priority mute contact on the back of the device mutes the music at the presence of a contact closure between both terminals. Priority enabled on mic-in overrides the muting, allowing emergency announcements or voice messages.

The MFA series are both RS232, RS485, and TCP/IP controllable allowing implementation with home & industrial automation systems and peripheral devices. Using the freely available AUDAC Touch™ 2 application, control and configuration can be done from any portable or non-portable device at any location and at any time.

Desktop installation or mounting in an equipment rack using the MBS1xx series mounting adapters is possible. The half 19” Rackspace enclosure allows single installation in a 10.5” equipment rack, or side-by-side (two devices) in a 19” equipment rack.

When installed the (optional) ANI44XT Dante™ audio network interface, music from the installed SourceCon™ module or connected line input signal can be shared throughout your Dante™ audio network to other compatible devices or amplifiers. Using Dante™, you can even play priority messages with near-zero latency (100ms) to the audience.

*SourceCon™ modules are optionally available. MFA series does not come pre-installed with one of these modules.

*MFA series is expected to be compatible with TouchLink™ from April 2021.

*NOTE: The powers shown for low impedance stereo mode may look strange to be equal for 4Ω, 8Ω, and 16Ω loads, however, these figures are true and correct. The output voltage is increased at higher load impedances to guarantee the maximum output power is achieved. These figures are depending on a correct output setting configuration in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Amplifier’ > ‘Output’ and ‘Output type’ menu.

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  • 1 x SourceCon™ interface card slots
  • Compatible with AUDAC Touch™ 2
  • Compact design
  • Advanced DSP and loudspeaker management
  • WaveDynamics™ speaker & set configurations
  • RS485 & TCP/IP controllable
  • Dante expansion port
  • Amplifier link in-& outputs


DDM Ready Dante RS232 TCP-IP USB 70-100V

Best of Show Award 2020 2020 Best of Show InfoComm


Signal / Noise     > 90 dB
THD+N (@ 1 kHz) :     < 0.05%
Technology :     Class-D
RMS Power : @ 16 Ω Stereo   2 x 80 W
@ 70/100 V Bridge    1 x 160 W
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) :     20 Hz - 20 kHz
Inputs :  Type   1 x SourceCon™ interface card slots
    4 x Dante (Optional module)
Outputs : Type   1 x Line output
    1 x 70/100V (Bridged)
    4 x Dante (Optional module)
Inputs :  Balanced Mic./Line  Type  1 x Balanced Microphone and Line Input 
  Connector  Euro Terminal Block
Unbalanced Stereo  Connector  RCA / 3.5 mm Jack
  Type 1 x Stereo Unbalanced Line
Other Type Priority mute contact
Power Supply  Operating  100 ~ 240 V AC / 50 ~ 60 Hz
RMS Power : @ 4 Ω Stereo   2 x 40 W
@ 8 Ω Stereo   2 x 20 W
Dimensions : 217.5 x 43.7 x 300 mm (W x H x D)
Weight : 2.20 kg
Mounting : 1/2 19” / 1 HE or tabletop
Construction : Steel
Accessories Optional : 19” Rackmount adapter
Wall Controller (MWX45)
ANI44XT - Dante™ audio network interface 


For this application we used a clothing store: As usual, the store is physically divided between the men’s and women's section. This time we choose for installing the MFA216 side by side with the COM108 public address amplifier in a 19” rack.

By connecting the stereo line out of the MFA with the line in of the COM108 and by using the balanced microphone input of the MFA, as an extra line-level input, we were able to create an independent 2-zone stereo system. So in this application, we installed an NMP40 audio streaming module in the MFA216 which allows the owners to use Soundtrack Your Band to play licensed music tailored to their visitors. To expand the number of sources available in this installation we have added an XMP44 with a DMP40 module, which is connected to the balanced microphone.

As a result, both zones and inputs can be operated completely independently of each other. In the MFA216 we installed an NMP40 audio streaming module that allows the owners to use Soundtrack Your Band to play licensed music tailored to their visitors.



For this 3 zone setup, we installed the (optional) ANI44XT Dante™ audio network interface in the MFA series. This ensures music, from the installed SourceCon™ module or connected line input signal can be shared throughout your Dante™ audio network to other compatible devices or amplifiers (AMP203 mini stereo Dante™ amplifier in this example) The MENTO4.8W variant includes an MWX45 wall panel per zone. This allows you to configure each zone in a very user-friendly way. For both set solutions, it is of course still possible to operate the entire system via AUDAC Touch™, which is still the most convenient way as you can control it from any place at any time.




A complete library of AUDAC loudspeaker and set solution presets is available for your projects, making it easy as picking the right file, loading it & play! Besides the optimal acoustic configurations, this library also includes the loudspeaker performance parameters providing bulletproof protection for them.

The 7-Band fully parametric equalizer with adjustable frequency and Q-factor and Butterworth, Bessel, and Linkwitz-Riley filters with selectable roll-off allows you to create custom configurations, tweak your setup to the finest detail and adapt to your room’s acoustics. A delay function allows time-alignment of different speakers in your installation.

Configurations also allow you to bridge the outputs, double the output power of stereo channels to one mono channel or make a single two-channel amplifier driving a complete setup composed of stereo Mid/High-frequency speakers and a bass cabinet. 

Thanks to the powerful DSP processor that is built in it can deliver effortless control over the most advanced acoustic configurations.


The operation and configuration of the device can be done in multiple ways. The most obvious way is by using the front panel controls, featuring a rotary selection dial and channel selection buttons with a clear and intuitive user interface on the 2.8” graphical LCD display.

Total system configurations for predefined set solutions can be loaded into the amplifier using the USB port.

Integration of the audio system into home and industrial automation systems is made easy through the RS232 connection & control port whereby functions such as input switching, volume adjustment, etc. can be controlled.

An MWX45 wall panel controller ensures that the installation can manually be operated.

Lastly, the MFA is fully controllable from any device at every time and place through our freely available AUDAC Touch™ 2 application. This out of your pocket application will enable you to control your sources, volume selection, third-party equipment, and many more from one single dashboard. Resulting in one package solution where you don’t need any automation system to have full controllability from one single dashboard.


Every system comes with different requirements and every customer has his own preferences. Because of this, the structure is made as flexible as possible. This is achieved by an input selection matrix.

Each of the input connections can be patched to any amplifier channel and contains software controllable gain. The different implementations of the in- and output connectors allow the easiest way of connection for every application while allowing the signal to link through to other amplifiers.


In our eternal search for ways to increase installer convenience, we’ve introduced a new feature, where the MFA can be updated by the end-user. When the MFA is connected to the internet, future updates are automatically pushed to the device. The end-user will be notified of this through the display of the MFA after which the update can easily be performed. This will save the installer the trip to the installation to perform crucial updates.


Optimal protection is not only required for the listeners’ satisfaction but can also be important for complying with the imposed regulations and guaranteeing the lifetime of the equipment. Because of this, protection precautions are implemented in different ways.

Firstly, user access is made possible on different levels. The device can be blocked or accessed at the user or administrator level. Different levels allow different configuration and control functions, giving limited (Eg: only volume) control access to standard users and full configuration control to administrators. User restriction can be enabled and disabled and is given through password and/or USB-key.

Secondly, equipment protection is implemented by an output limiter that monitors the output power of every channel and will intervene when the output exceeds a certain level. The corresponding level can be software configured and is indicated in Watts. When the output limiter is configured at the maximum power of the loudspeaker, you can rest assured that the speakers won’t be blown during your absence.

Lastly, the maximum volume for every channel can be set independently. This prevents users (having volume access) from going over the limit. This can help you to keep the system compliant with imposed regulations and maintain a good relationship with the neighbours.


The switching mode power supply and Class-D amplifier technology in combination with the auto-standby mode for each separate amplifier channel bring an end to the era of the power-hungry amplifiers. In addition, these features also result in a lightweight amplifier that benefits the customer when used in mobile applications.


The integrated SourceCon™ module allows the implementation of any available compatible module. With lots of different modules to choose from, there's a wide variety of inputs for every application, creating a true all-in-one solution.

Installation is done by sliding the modules into guide rails, while connections are made using board edge connections. This allows simple and fast installation without requiring additional internal wiring or complex configuration. When inserted into a supporting slot, the module is instantly installed, discovered, and ready for operation.


TouchLink™ is an ingenious system that can be used for creating virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink™ compatible devices with each other. In AUDAC Touch™ 2 you can select multiple devices or amplifier channels that should react to the user as one zone.


To provide this retail set up with an ideal high and low-frequency balance, a combination of the CELO8S high-end 8” ceiling subwoofer and 4 CELO2 high-end ceiling speaker was opted for. Due to the complete yet comprehensive use of the MFA all-in-one audio solution, no additional devices are required to make this system a fully running one-zone solution. As such, the speakers are amplified using the 2 x 80 watt amplification of the MFA, while it receives its input via the SoureCon™ module that can easily be slid into the device. in addition to this, the complete solution can be easily configured through the AUDAC Touch™ application which allows the owners to control the setup from any smart device they want.



In this Corporate environment, we configured the complete solution into three different zones. As it is extremely important that the guests receive a warm welcome the installer in this application chose the ATEO wall loudspeakers which produce warm and detailed sounds. In this way, we find for each zone a different speaker setup that depends on the needs of this zone. By installing an ANI44XT Dante™ audio network interface in both the SMQ350 Wavedynamics™ quad-channel power amplifier and MFA all-in-one audio solution any signal can be shared throughout the Dante™ audio network or different zones in this application. This Dante™ compatibility ensures that the system is very easily expandable when offices are further split up or when departments are added to the current setup.




    As the power consumption of an amplifier, strongly depends on how hard the amplifier is driven, measurements are provided for various loads: idle, 1/8 of average full power, 1/3 of average full power, and full power.

    Current draw at idle or with very low signal level

    1/8 Power: Pink Noise
    Amplifiers are tested using pink noise signals to simulate real-world speech and music signals.  It approximates operating with music or voice with light clipping and represents the amplifier's typical "clean" maximum level, without audible clipping. This 1/8 power signal provides a very good approximation of how hard an amplifier would be driven by typical real-world speech/music signals, assuming those signals were being driven as loud as possible without clipping the amplifier.

    1/3 Power: Pink Noise
    1/3 Power Pink Noise is similar to 1/8 Power Pink Noise, except that it is a significantly more powerful input signal. It approximates operating with music or voice with very heavy clipping and a very compressed dynamic range. This 1/3 power signal provides an approximation of how hard an amplifier would be driven by typical real-world speech/music signals, assuming those signals were being driven loud enough to clip the amplifier heavily, and produce severe, audible distortion.

    Full Power
    Current draw at full power is measured with a sine wave at its maximum possible level. However, it does not represent any real-world operating condition and represents the absolute extremes that an amplifier could ever experience.

*Note: AUDAC operates a policy of continuous development. AUDAC reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described on this website without prior notice. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the manufacturer's web page for the most up to date specifications and product details www.audac.eu For the most up to date Software and Firmware visit www.audac.eu.

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